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HMHP Annual Report to the Community

Founded 100 years ago, HMHP is composed of St. Elizabeth Health Center, St. Joseph Health Center, St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center, HM Home Health Services, The Assumption Village, Humility House, and Hospice of the Valley.   As HMHP continues its mission of service to all, the scope and quality of its services assures the residents of the region that they do not need to leave the area for superb health care. 

2012 Annual Report


Community Health Needs Assessments

Mercy Health (formerly Catholic Health Partners) has served the needs of our communities for more than 150 years. Mercy Health (MH) devotes significant time and attention to researching and planning ways to address each community's most-pressing needs. One element of this process is a periodic, comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for each MH facility. The most-recent assessments are being conducted by teams exploring quantitative and qualitative data that help guide community benefit and strategic planning.

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2011 Tri-County Community Health Assessment and Planning Intiative

The Tri-County Community Health Assessment and Planning (CHA/P) initiative provides a guide to implement strategies over the next three years aimed at improving the health status of the residents of Mahoning Valley and reducing health disparities between population groups.  CHA/P is a collaboration between community leaders from public health, health care, business, education, non-profit, philanthropy and governmental organizations.  The initiative was led by a Steering Committee that included 27 community and health leaders from Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties.  Additional community partners served on two subcommittees that conducted assessments and produced relevant health data and information.  Finally, key community informants contributed insights and perspectives that guided the Steering Committee’s decisions and recommendations, and helped shape the final report.  

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