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Transforming the Community

Foundation-Supported Programs at HMHP

Resource Mothers: This program offers pregnant women resources, educational materials and transportation to and from appointments to ensure a healthier pregnancy, birth and child. Also, a Resource Mother checks in with new moms until the baby’s first birthday, offering tips, advice and a helping hand in whatever may come the mother’s way.
Prescription Assistance: This program helps low-income clients receive free or reduced cost prescription medication for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, and pulmonary/respiratory conditions.

Hispanic, Latino and Immigrant Health Program: Provides translation services to address the language barriers patients whose primary language is not English face when receiving health care. Bilingual medical interpreters provide access to health education, health promotion, preventative care and screening services by scheduling appointments, interpreting at appointments and referring to social service agencies when appropriate.

Patient Care Improvement programs: Programs including diabetes education, oncology patient navigators, communication whiteboards in patient rooms at St. Joseph’s Health Center, clinical patient safety checklist boards in all hospital operation rooms, and pharmacist services in the emergency department.  All programs and equipment to improve patient care in the hospitals and/or outpatient facilities.

Additional Support for Medical Professions and Workforce Development: These programs provide training opportunities and technology and equipment support needed for professional development and training. The Pathways Program supports training and education in the HMHP Certified Nurse Assistant Registered Apprenticeship Program. The goal of this program is to assist low-wage, low skilled workers to enter a career pathway in health care while maintaining their current level of employment. The HMHP Foundation also invests in employees’ futures by supporting the Tuition Assistance Reimbursement program to attain training and higher education in health care and health care administration. The HMHP Foundation provides nursing scholarships to HMHP employees and their immediate family members. Video conferencing equipment was installed at St. Elizabeth’s and St. Joseph’s to benefit residency training programs. Equipment needs are also addressed through projects like SIM MAN, a simulation mannequin, and video conferencing technology support. In addition to internal grants, the foundation also provides medical education support by securing external grants for expansion and improvement in the Dental and Family Medicine Residency Programs.

Community Education and Outreach: Several programs are provided to the community for health education and advocacy with emphasis on reaching underserved individuals. Programs such as 300 Sisters in Red, Know Your Numbers, Mom & Me Teas and Women’s Health Night provide activities, education and screenings to improve health with emphasis on reaching underserved individuals.

Patient Transportation: The Foundation supports several patient transportation initiatives from financing bus and cab tokens for patients who do not have transportation to appointments to purchasing new vehicles for the Patient Transportation department.

Assistance with Health System Capital Needs: The Foundation secures external grant funding to support equipment and capital improvement needs. Recent programs include x-ray and lab equipment for the St. Joseph Emergency and Diagnostic Center in Andover, and energy efficiency projects at St. Elizabeth Health Center and St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center.