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Humility of Mary Health Partners Cancer Centers are dedicated to providing a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care
by offering the most advanced cancer treatments, using the latest technology and research opportunities and providing access
to more effective treatments and medications with fewer side effects. 

Our physicians, the area’s leading oncologists, have received training at some of the most renowned institutions in the world, including the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, National Cancer Institute, University Hospitals of Cleveland and Roswell Park Cancer Institute. They are supported by nurse practitioners, registered nurses, registered radiation therapists, certified dosimetrists, physicists, medical assistants, pharmacists, lab technicians, dieticians, social workers and members of pastoral care. We are the only area hospital with all Oncology Certified Nurses (OCN) and American Registry Radiologic Technology (ARRT) registered radiation therapists.
In covering the full spectrum of cancer services – prevention and early detection, diagnosis and treatment, clinical research, rehabilitation, and end of life care – we ensure the needs of our patients are met.
Three convenient locations offer comprehensive services to patients close to where they live. 
Our Services

Medical oncology and hematology are provided at St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph Cancer Centers. Oncology certified nurses are educated in state-of-the-art treatment modalities, such as administration of chemotherapy, biologicals, monoclonal antibodies, blood transfusions, various other therapeutic intravenous treatments, injections, lab studies, and bone marrow aspiration and biopsy procedures.
Flexible appointment and treatment times are available, and private chemotherapy treatment rooms equipped with TV/DVD units are designed with patient comfort in mind. Patients and families receive education about their disease process and therapy to achieve self-management, participation in therapy and optimal living. 
Continuing our dedication to advanced care, IMRT was introduced in 2003 and is available at all three centers. This radiation therapy treatment targets the tumor by segmenting the radiation into multiple beamlets of varying intensity, allowing the area of the tumor to receive a higher dose of radiation. The radiation oncologist can sculpt the radiation to conform to the unique shape and density of the cancer, sparing surrounding normal tissue and administering more cancer-killing radiation to the tumor with fewer side effects. Sophisticated computer programs allow the radiation therapists to administer, monitor, and evaluate progress constantly during treatment. During treatment, patients are seen weekly by the physician and nurse, as well as during follow-up visits once treatment is complete. 
Other services include CT simulation, treatment planning, external beam treatments, high dose rate brachytherapy for breast and gynecologic cancers. 
The radiation oncology departments at each facility are networked to enable the oncologist to access patient information from any of the three sites. This networked system eliminates the need to be at the site where the patient received his or her treatment and allows any member of the treatment team to answer questions regarding a particular patient. 

Questions about Radiation Oncology?  Click HERE to visit - a site created by the American College of Radiation Oncologists designed to help answer your questions and provide you with more information about radiation as a cancer treatment.

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The Cancer Prevention and Early Detection program offers a wide range of screening, prevention, education and early detection services to the community. Our goal is to maintain a presence in the community, convey the message that early detection plays an important role in the survival of cancer and to encourage people to talk to their healthcare provider about cancer risk factors and the need for screening. 
Services include awareness and educational programs, free fecal occult blood test kits, annual skin cancer screenings and lectures and symposiums for the community and medical professionals. All services are offered free of charge.

Additional information about screening recommendations and prevention is available at:
HMHP Cancer Centers offer the assistance of a nurse to serve as an educator and support person for those with breast cancer. The navigator is committed to helping patients understand the diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment options, and to guide patients through treatment. The Breast Health Navigator will ensure that needs are met in a timely manner, patient questions are answered, and will help relieve confusion or fear about breast cancer treatment. To contact the Breast Health Navigator, call 330-841-4372 or 330-480-2692.
The diagnosis of cancer is usually overwhelming for most patients. HMHP Cancer Centers offer the assistance of a Lung Health Navigator. This RN will assist the lung patients, their families, and caregivers through the cancer journey. The education and support provided by the navigator facilitates that a patient understands their disease, the physicians recommendations for treatment, and other options that may be available. The navigator will assess the patient for any financial or social needs that could affect treatment. The navigator is always available to answer patients questions or concerns. To contact the Lung Health Navigator, call 330-841-4162 or 330-480-3376.

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