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Competitive Edge Sports Medicine

Athletic Trainer Coverage
Athletic training services and coverage is available for area schools by our Ohio licensed athletic trainers. Coverage can include daily or weekly injury checks to assess athletic injuries, as well as referral and rehabilitation suggestions. Coverage of specific athletic events can also be arranged. This coverage includes emergency basic first aid; pre-event taping and bracing; and recommendations regarding return to play and injury treatment. Athletic trainers will also make suggestions regarding injury prevention and proper conditioning techniques. Coverage can include daily or weekly injury checks, sporting event coverage and referral and rehabilitation suggestions.

Career Days
Athletic trainers are available to attend career days at area schools. As part of this program, the athletic trainer will provide students with an overview of what an athletic trainer does, as well as what type of schooling and education is required.

Educational Handouts regarding Injury prevention
Our staff has developed numerous educational handouts and booklets on a wide variety of topics, including; when to use ice and heat; shoe considerations; minimizing the risk of injuries; basic first aid for injuries; flexibility programs; nutrition for active people and choosing proper shoes for your sport. Copies are available for your student-athletes.

Educational Seminars for Parents, Coaches and Athletes
The HMHP sports medicine program is pleased to offer high-quality, interactive educational opportunities for the general public. Various seminars are available, including; injury prevention; injury treatment; proper warm-up and conditioning programs and performance enhancement techniques. All seminars can be arranged at your school based on the topic and audience you wish to address. Our staff is available to assist in these decisions. Previous seminars have included injury prevention for athletes and injury treatment for parents.

Health Fairs & Parent-Teacher Conferences

Our sports medicine staff is available to attend a health fair at your school and set up displays regarding injury prevention. A licensed athletic trainer is also available to set up an injury prevention display during your parent-teacher conferences. Educational handouts will be provided free of charge. The trainer is also able to answer general questions regarding injury prevention, conditioning programs and other sports medicine topics. The athletic trainer is not able to assess injuries or give any suggestions regarding treating or rehabilitating actual injuries.

Meet the Team Night/Booster Meetings
One of our licensed athletic trainers is available to attend preseason meetings with coaches, parents and athletes. The trainer is able to provide injury prevention handouts as well as speak to the audience about a variety of injury prevention topics.

Pupil Activity First Aid Courses
The HMHP sports medicine program provides the state mandated pupil activity seminars required by the state of Ohio for all coaches and activity supervisors. The seminar is 4-hours long and is held approximately 3-4 times a year at various area locations. The seminar allows for group discussions, situation review and active audience participation.