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St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Center

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Clinics
Most people with heart failure don’t realize that they have the power to live healthier lives. The St. Elizabeth Heart and Vascular Center’s heart failure programs are designed to educate patients about heart failure and treatment and guide them toward a healthier lifestyle.
The Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Clinics educate patients and their caregivers about symptom identification, diet, medication and adherence.
Our programs are centered around a team approach involving you, your physician, clinical nurse coordinators, specialists from pharmacy, social work, nutrition, cardiac rehabilitation and more.
If you have any questions please consult with your physician or any staff member at the St. Elizabeth or St. Joseph CHF Clinics.
St. Elizabeth CHF Clinic
1044 Belmont Ave.
Youngstown, OH 44501
Phone: 330.480.4327
St. Joseph CHF Clinic
667 Eastland Ave.
Warren, OH 44484
Phone: 330.841.4327

St. Elizabeth Health Center

1044 Belmont Avenue
Youngstown, Ohio 44501
(330) 746-7211

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