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St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center Poland Imaging
Poland Medical Center, 6615 Clingan Road, Suite F
headPoland, Ohio 44514
Phone: 330-884-7219

At St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center Poland Imaging, we realize the importance of offering state-of-the-art medical imaging services. As a leader in technology, we are making sure we’re equipped with the best tools for diagnosing conditions, as well as the most experienced registered nurses and technologists dedicated to providing the best possible care. All Radiologic Technologists are certified by the State of Ohio and also certified within the specialized area of their expertise.

All radiologists are American College of Radiology board certified.

We are conveniently located in the rear of the Poland Medical Center.
Parking is free and in close proximity. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.

Appointments are required for MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound. Diagnostic x-rays do not require an appointment. The reports are faxed to your referring physician within 24 hours. If requested a CD can be made of your exam to be sent to the referring physician.

Diagnostic Radiology
State-of-the-art computed radiology (CR) equipment. All of technologists are ARRT certified.

CT Scan
SEBHC Poland Imaging Cat Scan technologists are highly trained to use the lowest radiation dose possible according to the Ohio Department of Health regulations.Our CT department is ACR (American College of Radiology) certified.

SEBHC Poland Imaging utilizes a light speed multi-slice CT scanner. It has the capability to perform reconstruction, reformatted and lung window imaging. The exams may be enhanced by the use of either IV and/or oral contrast as directed by the referring physician and the ordering diagnosis.

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The MRI unit at St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center Poland Imaging is a 1.5Tesla offering a wide range of exams, including magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) studies and also TMJ exams. We utilize specialized software to provide higher resolution, speed and scanning techniques. This software provides high quality images, which will deliver a more definitive diagnosis. This office features the use of MR vision goggles and state-of-the-art audio during the exam. Patients are invited to bring a CD of their choice to enjoy during the exam.

MRI at this location is ACR (American College of Radiology) certified.

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Nuclear Medicine
Our nuclear medicine department offers state-of-the-art nuclear medicine equipment for both Planar and SPECT imaging. We have the capabilities to perform thyroid uptake and imaging, HIDA scans, 3 phase and whole body bone scanning, spine spects and also studies for the liver, Gallbladder, kidneys and spleen.

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This department is ACR (American College of Radiology) Certified.
Our ultrasound department offers a full range of services including:
  • Carotid duplex ultrasound
  • Venous duplex ultrasound (for DVT)
  • Visceral vascular duplex ultrasound
  • General ultrasound procedures such as thyroid, abdomen and pelvis

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