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St. Joseph Diagnostic Sleep Lab

Sleep Studies
All sleep studies are performed with a doctor’s order. A specially trained technologist prepares patients for the study. Sleep studies are completely painless and require no needles, shots or IVs. A number of electrodes are attached to the chin and scalp, as well as other devices to monitor heartbeat, breathing and oxygen levels. The test takes approximately eight hours, depending on the patient’s sleep patterns. Technologists monitor patients throughout the night.
Because the electrodes are sensitive, it is important for patients to shower and wash their hair shortly before coming for the sleep study, and refrain from using body powder and/or lotion and hair spray, gel and/or mousse.
Patients should bring all necessary items that they will need to sleep and when they awaken in the morning, such as night clothing and toiletries.
A questionnaire received by the patient prior to the study should be completed and turned in at the time of the sleep study.
After the test is completed, the results will be interpreted and forwarded to the patient’s personal physician, who will discuss the test results with the patient and advise him/her on treatment options, if needed.