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CME Programs

Annual Cancer Symposium: The seminars are held twice a year for a 1.5 hour Category 1 Credit by OSMA.The seminars explore diagnostic criteria and current treatment options for cancer.  For more information, call 1-877-700-4647.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference: The CME conferences are held Thursday mornings at 0700 for a 1-hour Cate-gory 1 Credit by OSMA. Cases are chosen for presentation based on educational value and interest to the program. The objective of the presentation is to describe clinical conditions, define practice-based learning and systems-based per-formance, and identify the competencies of medical knowledge and performance that provide safe, high-quality care to surgical patients. . The target audience consists of attending staffs of the Departments of Surgery, Radiology, and Pa-thology, but all residents and medical staff are invited to attend.

Nutrition Symposium is a half-day symposium, usually in November, conducted annually by the SEHC Clinical Nutri-tion Committee and Dr. Vincent Vanek.  This is a national meeting that explores topics of clinical nutrition and nutrition support. The goal of the program is to gather in one forum the national leaders in nutrition for dissemination of medical knowledge and experience. The objectives are to explore the basic science of nutrition and to review the current body of knowledge regarding parenteral and enteral nutrition.

Tumor Conference is held twice a month at 0800-0900 Thursday mornings and is a CME conference for a 1-hour Category 1 Credit by OSMA.  This multidisciplinary conference is lead by a SEHC staff Pathologist.  Patients with recently diagnosed malignancy are presented including a discussion of disease pathophysiology and treatment plan options. The goal is to explore management of malignancy from a multidisciplinary perspective. The objectives are to demonstrate caring and respectful behavior, gain medical knowledge in a small group setting, and discuss the management of patients with cancer from a multidisciplinary perspective.